Summer Hiatus

Hi everyone,

I’m terribly sorry that I haven’t been posting for the past while. I miss it terribly. But in that time, I built my first house (or rather, I hired someone to build it, but did the painting and flooring myself). We’ve moved in now, but there’s still much to be done! I didn’t want you to give up on me, or think that I’d died suddenly. I’m still here, and I have some plans for the future…

When I come back from this Summer hiatus, I’ll be launching into a series of book reviews for new and forthcoming books from InterVarsity Press! Their books run the gamut of Christian publishing, from light popular fare to dense theologians (I’ll be getting to TF Torrance soon enough!). I received my first review book in the mail today: Popcultured, by Steve Turner. I also purchased Just Spirituality by Mae Elise Cannon, so that may come first, maybe second.

And that’s the other part: I’m on to my last class, Major Guided Readings in Theology. This blog started as a way for me to think through my homework readings, and that’ll continue – though hopefully, my homework itself will not.

So to sum up: I’m still alive, I miss writing, and hopefully in about a month I’ll be back with some book reviews for IVP books and some serious theology readings. What are you reading this summer? Hit me with some recommendations!