Back to School: A Red Dawn?

Hello my friends,

School’s back! I slowed down a bit this summer, and produced some lighter faire (the Apology series, which I may continue periodically – we’ll see). But school’s back in, and I have some serious stuff to tackle this year. I’m taking my first and only sociology course this semester, called Global Problems and Change, so my writing might veer toward sociology a little bit. But I’m also taking a course called Research Methods, the goal of which is to present a thesis proposal by the end of next semester – which means that I’ll be reading a ton of theology this semester in preparation for my thesis. These two courses may end up working together, because my theology always leads to ethics (“how then shall we live?”) and my ethics inevitably lead toward social justice (caring for the orphan, the widow, the poor, the alien), which inevitably leads to the unjust system in which we live (sociology). I joked a few days ago that no matter which thesis topic I choose, I’ll end up writing a socialist manifesto…

Just to clarify, I’m not a communist. But I’m also most certainly not a capitalist. Also, I try to keep my anti-corporate, tree-hugging views off the blog so we can talk about God instead. But I’ve been finding more and more that talking about God leads to talking about what God loves and what God wants us to do, and more and more I’m finding that God wants us to take care of the earth and each other in responsible and radically generous ways. It just struck me that this is what happens when you’re dealing with a metanarrative: it affects your view of absolutely everything, and all topics overlap and run together. So I’m sorry if I take on a reddish tinge this semester: I just may begin a theological trend of North American Liberation Theology. Instead of “Black Power!” or “Power to the People!”, I’ll just say “All blessings and glory and honour and power be unto the King of Kings” and try to figure out what that looks like. I’d be honoured if you’d join me.


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