It’s been a little while.  It feels like an awful long while, but that’s just the type of week I’ve been having.  The school year is over; this time last week, I was exhausted after three days of graduation duties (for friends, not for me).  Classes are all done (and I did pretty well, at least partially thanks to you folk who give me a sounding board to work it all out), and I’m facing a summer of…more classes!

Next week I’ll be taking a course called Hebrews: These Last Days with Grant Osborne.  He wrote the book on how to interpret the Bible, so it should be a pretty interesting course, but the rub is that it’s a one-week module.  From 9am to 4pm I’ll be in class every day for five days, and then the course will be over.  Every evening I’ll have a ton of homework to do, which means that I won’t have any time to write about what I’m learning.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, and then suddenly have several posts about Hebrews.  For the rest of the summer I’ll be camping out in the Old Testament as I work through General Guided Readings in Old Testament, all the while cramming intro Greek to refresh myself on it before I tackle Intermediate Greek in the fall.

So, despite the fact that I’ll still be taking the equivalent of three courses this summer (the same as I’ve had each semester thus far), I won’t really have a lot to blog about (if you want updates on my Greek…I re-learned the alphabet today!).  So please, leave me a message.  Ask me a question.  Suggest a topic for us to discuss, debate, or sound off about.  I may skip some blogging sessions to go swimming or have a minor surgery, but I’d like for us to keep in touch, and keep our minds in the state of renewal that leads to our transformation into human beings.

Perhaps, like iron, we can sharpen each other a little bit this summer.

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