The Syllabus

Hello, and welcome to Stumbling Through Theology.  I’ve just started a Master of Arts in Theology, focusing on Systematic Theology, and I’d like to share the coming journey with you.  I’d like to share my adventure of stumbling through theology for a few reasons: first and foremost, because this stuff messes with my mind a bit, and I need an outlet like this to help me work through it, almost like a silent sounding board (though of course I’d welcome any feedback or interaction with the subject – please give my sounding board a voice!); second, because I find the things I’m learning about life, the universe, and everything – and specifically, Jesus Christ – to be so wonderful and life-changing that it ought to be offered to the world in as many ways and through as many agents as possible.

You may have noticed that the title I’ve chosen for this blog is a bit of a double-entendre; I mean it in both ways.  First, I feel like I’m a bit over my head, that I’ve taken on a hike of epic proportions in my desire to traverse the peaks and valleys of theology, and I’m stumbling my way through it rather clumsily at times.  Second, I’ve discovered that the more I study theology, the more I get into the Bible, the more my preconceptions and the dogmatic instructions of my yesteryears are challenged, broadened, and even thrown out the window – that is to say, the study of theology has become a stumbling block, upsetting my worldview in the process of perfecting it.  While it’s unsettling, it’s a pretty fan-freaking-tastic adventure, and I’m not at all concerned: Jesus is always good at upsetting the apple-carts of our presuppositions and blind dogmatism.

I’m not here to voice new thoughts on theology; I’m not an authority on anything except my own experience; I’m just stumbling through, and I welcome you to join me.  Don’t expect me to hold to any hard lines in theology: I have a background that criss-crosses Protestant denominations, combined with a firm conviction that all truth is God’s truth and Jesus isn’t partisan.  I attend a non-denominational seminary, and will be surveying theologies from every sphere in my time here.

I’ll probably blog on Sundays, and Sundays only: there’s just too much work during the week, and reflecting on theology seems to be a healthy Sabbath-day activity.  I intend to begin soon, possibly even tomorrow (a Monday, I know, but I’m sometimes impatient).  That being said, blogging will come as an aid to, or response to, readings and assignments, and thus will never pre-empt them.

Cheers, blessings, and happy reading.

EDIT: I realized that this is much more of a Syllabus than a Thesis.  Perhaps I’ve been listening to too much Ambassador.


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